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Default Midi Setup Problem

I'm using PT 6.9 with the 002 and a Command 8. When I'm routing midi, I'm going out of my controller in to the C8, out of the C8 in to a midi patchbay, from the PB to sound modules. I've done this before with other systems, platforms, software, etc. with no problem. My problem here is that when I use the same receive channel on each module, they both play their preset assigned to that channel. Yet in PT I'm using the receive in the mix window as the receiving module. If I'm transmitting on "all" and rec on any particular module ch, only that module should play like virtual instruments do. In other software it's like assigning ports. Port 1 goes to Roland mod, Port 2 goes to Yamaha mod, etc. Same as in PT where you assign midi rec channel. The difference is no matter how many external modules I use and assign them on the rec ch in PT, they all play at the same time if sharing a channel, not individually. I actually need this many channels and instruments for orchestartion in case you are wondering. Thanks for the help!
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