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Default protools hd 8.1.1 mac os 10.6.8 waves v9.3

I'm wondering if anyone out there is having successes using a Mac Pro 3.1, 8 core with 16 gigs of ram, mac os 10.6.8, Protools hd 3 accel using protools hd 8.1.1 with TDM Waves v9.3 plugins.

Right now I"m using the above with os 10.6.7. I'm using about 40-50 Waves TDM plugins

Waves v9.3 only officially supports Mac os 10.7.5 and up. But I was told they might very well work.

Right now after a period of time (anywhere from 15 min to 2 hours) my mouse starts lagging making mixing virtually impossible. It wasn't always like this. I"m trying to figure out if this is because of the Waves plugins, or if my computer is on the outs.
thoughts? thanks
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