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Default Avid support is an absolute joke

I contacted Avid about a lost ilok with my RMA and they told me to buy a ASC and then contact them when I have, which I did 3-4 minutes after they told me to. I emailed to say I purchased it but hadn't received the ASC. The site told me to look at my emails and my email tells me to access my purchase in the download centre. When I access the "Retrieve ASC Details" of the website I am informed "No Active ASC Code found".

Their last reply to me was 3 days ago to tell me to purchase the ASC.
I have tried to phone Avid and they have temporarily closed your licensing support line.

Meanwhile I'm a day late submitting a record for mastering... I have paid 36 specifically for what will likely require 5 minutes of Avid's time and they have not replied in 3 days.
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