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Question "Error, missing ILok authorization for "Pro Tools 10".

I recently bought Avid Pro Tools nine Mbox which included an update for pro tools ten as well. Pro Tools 9 won't start on my computer (macbook air), and when I had downloaded and installed pro tools ten, I can't open it cause it says ""Error, missing ILok authorization for "Pro Tools 10". Please insert the necesarry ILok and restart Pro Tools". The ILok is there, I've downloaded the necessary files. I've been looking around and seen that a lot of people have had this problem; but I only seem to find solutions for PC users? I am quite an untechnical person, so please spare me of besserwisser comments here :) I just wanna get going with my own song writing, and hoped that buying programs would spare me from these sorts of complicatations. Any suggestions on how to get this working? There should be a solution, right?!!
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