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Default Re: PT9 No Audio (windows 7 laptop) Help please! **SOLVED**

Sorry guys, I never saw that you two posted wanting to know how.

Well if anyone still needs help with it, this is what I found out.

When you have a Pro Tools session opened up, go to Setup -> I/O and click on the bus tab. Across the outputs 1 & 2 (on the left hand side) you should see your "audio device" listed. If you click on it I had two options to choose from...

Hp-Out 1-2 (Stereo)
Speaker/HP 1-2 (Stereo)

When I chose "Speaker/HP 1-2 (stereo)" I could hear everything from my laptop speakers.

The options could be different for you depending on what type of speaker system you have for your laptop. I have a Dell Vostro 3700 with windows 7 32 bit installed. So far, it's rock solid for me.

Also just a side note, I do have ASIO4ALL installed on my laptop as well, but I didn't change any settings with it during this process. Hope this helps!


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