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Default Eucon and PT HD 9

This is something I came across, it's old but have a look at the last sentence. Anyone care to comment in relation to a new PT HD version?

"Running over Ethernet or FireWire, EuCon can manage and coordinate very large and complex network implementations. And because of EuCon’s open architecture, many integration scenarios are possible: Once a model of a type of device has been loaded into EuCon, any future device that performs the same functions can be automatically added to the network. Whatever features the new device has to offer—input channels, record/playback tracks, effects, converter channels—are made available to the other nodes on the network, which map the newcomer’s relevant features to their own inputs and outputs. “With EuCon, multiroom post studios can share processing,” notes Kloiber. “They don’t have to put DSP for 200 channels in each room in order to cope with the worst-case scenario. With EuCon, they have movable DSP resources.”

Original article:
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