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Default Re: pt 9 smooth ride

HAHAHA funny. I will upgrade soon. I need to buy a new GPU for my workstation, then I'll upgrade (also will upgrade Reason, Record, and Melodyne). Next year I'm planning do go dual CPU. Get two Intel Xeon 5620, with an Intel or Asus mobo with a Intel 5520 chipset, install up to 24GB of RAM, A nice energy effecient PSU, a new SSD for the system drive and a couple of 1TB HDD for Audio.

It seems like PT9 has made a believer out of people. That is good because I think this was the PT version we have all been waiting for. I'm thinking about going HD next year too if I can make enough $$$. Not sure if I'll get the HD|Native, or see what new TDM cards will come out.

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