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Default Re: Drums - SUB MIX or TWO MIC METHOD

I think what I'll try is direct mic on the kick into port one and a submix for the rest of the drums.

From there I will see what I can do... lol

If all else fails I'll try to program the midi as close as I can to the real track. I've got BFD lite and a full version of reason. Which do you guys recommend for the best sounding *hardcore drums*

Also, any additional tips for the midi programming?
I don't know if these are still around but, I've seen a type of "transformer" which converts an XLR male into a 1/4 inch male. If you can get two of those you would be able to take two SM57s or 58s, convert them to 1/4 inch (they don't need fantom power) and along with your two fantom powered XLR Mics, have four channels to record the drums. Kik, snare and two overheads ....

I hope this helps ....
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