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Default Sound(s) Issues. (WARNING: LONG STORY!)

Is anyone patient enough for a total n00b? I am so lost.

I bought myself a cheap MIDI controller just to get a feel for Pro Tools before spending $$$. I bought the Alesis Qmidi. I think I like it, if only I could get the confounded thing to make a noise.

I have spent a full week, many hours a day, watching You Tube videos and some have been more helpful than others, but it's possible my problems are unique. Here's the full story.

When I went to download the software that came free with the Qmini, I was told:

"Pro Tools | First maintenance
Pro Tools | First is temporarily unavailable for technical reasons. While we fix the problems, please take Pro Tools for a spin by getting your free trial."

So, I went ahead and downloaded the free trial, got that up and running, and got comfortable with the basic concepts in the videos.

Until we reach the part where we need to make plug-in instruments available. Alesis also gave me a download of F9 Virtual Instruments.

The first problem is, I can't seem to connect Pro Tools to the F9 plugins. They claim to be installed but short of sending in a man with a dog into the inner workings of my computer, I have no idea how to connect the one to the other. So, I have no sounds.

Secondly, the moment I turn Pro Tools on, I have no sound coming from my speakers. From anything. I assume this is to do with ASIO4ALL I installed to allow my computer to be used as my audio interface, but I don't know how to go from here. I have no sound.

I really don't want to spend more money at this stage, so I'm loathe to buy a separate audio interface unless it is critical.
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