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Default Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Firmware Upgrade Hardware not connected


During Win7 I tried to install the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack, without success. Multiple usb ports with multiple cables
same result

Eleven rack parameters:
Sw. version: 1.1.11

The symptom:
Updater starts well, according to Rackmonitor
Package: 1.1.11
Hardware connected

Go through the steps at the last step, the upgrade window appears (about 3 minutes of update) and stays that way....
Rackmonitor says
Package: 1.1.11
Hardware not connected

According to the taskmgr processes, live rack, live rack updater running !
However, there is no connection between the rack and the updater !!
With all drivers, this error is added.

If I stop the upgrade, I get the error: "The Eleven Rack update failed. please turn your Eleven Rack off and on again
and then retry this updater to make sure that valid firmware is installed"
Restarting is the same symptom.

Could someone help .. ?
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