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Default Re: Importing session data

I imagine what you have now is many sessions with difference scenes in them. Each scene is probably placed near the beginning of each session. There are different ways to do what is needed. It is common for sound work to begin at the 1 hour point, which is where the first frame of the complete film is placed. As I said, I do not think you have your work this way, yet. There are different ways to accomplish it. I would adjust the Pro Tool sessions for each different scene to start at the whole film's beginning, not just a particular scene, and have silence from the film's beginning until the scene you have composed. You may have to manually copy+paste all tracks of each scene to make that happen. You want each session to begin at the same absolute time location, which is usually a minute or two before the 1 hour mark, with the film's first frame beginning at exactly the 1 hour mark. After doing that for each of your scene sessions, it will be easier to import from each into one long film session. As long as all session timelines begin at the same point, each scene will easily import to the proper place without extra effort. Does that make sense?

As I said there are different ways to accomplish this. Some people would simply import from each scene session into the film session first, to avoid adjusting each scene's session, and then moving everything into the proper location, but I find it safer and easier to move things in each smaller session first.

This is why most of us prefer to work to the finished film from the start, so that we can avoid "conforming" our work to the final film's timeline. Also, most of us work on tracks that are used throughout the film, not a scene-by-scene basis, and rely heavily on automation, so that we are usually working in sessions that cover the entire film, or at minimum each reel of a film.
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