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Default PTS File Recovery

Two days ago, I was recording with the 002r, and it stopped cold. I had to reboot, and my audio drive came back as if it was unformatted. After talking to myself very calmly, I decided to fix it. I was able to recover the files even though I had reformatted twice. Since I didn't have a big enough drive, I burned all 40gbs to cds. Talk about a boring Christmas eve. Anyway, now I am trying to make sure all the files play and can be pulled up. I am having several issues with relinking the files. Some files are great, others have audio mixups. I have two songs where halfway thru the track, it switches to another verse or other music from an entirely different artist. My main question is if I should always copy the cd file to the harddrive before opening it. I have done that, but I'm getting "wrong magic code errors", and missing audio files. Any advice or has anyoner gone thru a similar situation?
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