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Default PT10+HD3+192I/O need a way to footswitch punch and xport controls

Like the title says. I recently went from PT10 with MBox 2 Pro to PT10HD with HD3 and a 192 I/O. I'm lovin' the new punch features, etc. but I miss the footswitch punch. While I'm at it, I'm an old school engineer and would like real not virtual transport controls, mostly for manual punch in/out. Is there a way or an interface I could use that would give me these caps? I'm not opposed to picking up an MCTransport or MCMix if that would do it. I just don't have any of those things on the shel at any of the local outlets to learn about the features on those items and there isn't much in the way of info on them in the brochures...or does someone like JL Cooper, et. al. make a box to help with that...I can solder, so I could make up something if there's a kit or something too.
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