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Default Scripting in Pro Tools


I’m doing some very simple Apple Scripts for Pro Tools, accessing track list pop up menu in the edit window for example or calling up a favourite EQ in the mix window.

It turned out the looks and behaviour of menus change significantly as soon as Pro Tools is expecting control from any Apple or Java scripts.
It’s a known fact and Soundflow users have the same issue. Apparently this is how Pro Tools responds to being “controlled” by 3rd party accessibility (maybe it doesn’t like it - I certainly wouldn’t!).

This was kind of acceptable, menus went bright and direct search was lost but one could live with that.
With the release of PT 2022.4 this has become much worse, at least on Mac Studio Ultra. Menus are now overly bright and sub-categories almost white (on white background) so there’s no way to read them anymore.

I’m hoping this is just temporarily and will get fixed with the next update be it software or hardware related. Unless Avid really don’t like people to doing this kind of thing?

New key commands are great but not all clicks and pop ups can be accessed there obviously.

Any thoughts from Avid?

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Edit: OK it is dependent of the Color Pallette settings. Certain schemes work better than others. Red colored text for example works better...

Pro Tools Ultimate 2022.4, Mac Studio M1 Ultra, Mac OS 12.3.1

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