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Default OT: apple expo paris 2005

i know that it is nothing to do with protools DUC , but i really felt i have to tell sombody so here goes :
i just came back from the annuael apple expo in paris , i am so dissapointedand so un happy that i have no idea what to say or do .... it should of been called Ipod expo m becouse the only things i saw there are the ipods , all over the place ... in every size , couler , shape , storage size , all about the friking ipod, and if it is not enough , you try to turn your head and seeing somthing else , and what you get? the ipod accsesory product line , man.......every thing you can think of even compatible cars. i have NOTHING agienst the ipod , i even have one ,i am abig fan of its sound and capabilities , but hey , i didnt see any new stuff of apple , no big news , no annoncments , no music , (yes , not even the logic depertment was well presnted ) only garage band all over ,and couple of music store stands that showed some virtual instruments , this is very dissapointing , it is not my first time in an apple expo and i have never been disapointed , even protools had a very pityfull stand with the Mbox 2 and abig screnn apple monitor , thats all ? where are those HD 3 systems ? why showing only the tipe of the iceberg?
on the second hand its for the best becouse after all that disapointment the only thing i bought was the new mighty mouse.....ho ho ho

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