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Default Plugins crashing Pro Tools

I seriously need help here.

I have a handful of plugins that once they're opened the plugin window goes white and will just freeze up and crash pro tools. Last time I brought this up I was told to contact the manufacturer despite these plugins working with OBS and in their standalones and it felt like I was being brushed under the carpet.

the problem plugins:
Raum and the odd time Kontakt (Native Instruments)
Infinity EQ (Slate Digital)
AirEQ and E2Deesser (Eiosis)

the troubleshooting I've tried:
removing all plugins bar Infinity EQ, even as the only plugin it freezes
reinstalling pro tools
reinstalling the plugins
reinstalling Native Access and Slate Connect
updating my graphics driver to see if it was a graphical error

nothing is working and if it's a problem with plugins from different manufacturers, it's probably a Pro Tools issue.

I do wonder if its a graphical issue of some kind because the plugins still work if they're already in the session/imported in, it's just opening the interface that crashes them

This is what I am seeing when it happens:
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