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Default PatchNet not saving monitor patches

Hi At my work we have System5 fusion. SC264D system computer with two dsp cards and without the analog monitor-comm interface module, madi monitoring and external converters are used.

This problem persists since the beginning and through several eMix upgrades and reinstalls. eMix version is 6.1.0 b19.5 (93592).
So the problem is, in every title, newly created from scratch or old template used, the eMix isn't saving the monitoring patches. No matter what patches are made and saved, after relaunching the title the CR main monitors are defaulted to card 1B, channel 1 to 8 (which is not convenient since the studio is wired differently and one have to manually repatch this section on every console boot). The monitor A section is getting erased, the monitor B C and D are functioning fine.

Any ideas or help will be appreciated

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