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Default Re: Track input toggle from touchscreen

Thanks for the suggestion.

But my point is… on the Artist Control touchscreen, you have the other buttons: record arm, solo, and mute. Input monitoring was added to “native” somewhere along the line, and the programming was added so I could execute the input monitoring toggle with one button on my Command 8. The idea is that, for example, you are a/b’ing a mix or a master; you can simply hit that one button to do it. I thought moving to the Artist Control I would simply have all the Command 8 features PLUS added depth of controls, but even this basic function was omitted. Between that and the bad encoder scroll algorithm, this stupid thing was a huge step backwards just for doing even the most BASIC of mixing tasks. I used to be able to mix with my eyes closed because of the tactile, robust, and functional interface of the Command 8. Having said that, Eddie and the team have ironed out any of my outstanding issues… save for this one.

In my mind, the Input Toggle command should have a mode button right under the Record Arm, Solo, and Mute buttons, just like you see on your channel strip in the session.

Your suggestions are helpful, but Eddie added something that allows you to hit “Transport Extras” from the home tab on the Artist Control, then there’s something in that next menu that allows you to toggle input mode on any selected tracks. Problem is, that doesn’t allow direct selection of a specific track, whether selected or not. So, again… I think we should have functionality just like the other three buttons on the channel strip. Exactly the same. Like I had on my Command 8. There are workarounds, but this has been a step back since Purchase Day 1 for me.

FWIW, Kyle Splittgerber formerly suggested it would happen. Eddie, in early discussions with me when he came back to AVID to work on the EUCON program, agreed that this was something that should have been done. AVID has been asked for this since… what, 2012 at least, and not just from me? I put this thing on IdeaScale. I’ve been a good soldier and asked politely. Now I’m trying to keep this thread alive like a brat, hoping against all hope it can get done. Maybe I’m just being an a-hole. But after years of requesting, after the company agreeing it should be in there, after the actual device only working properly near or at EOL status, maybe as an only child I’m just used to getting reasonable requests done for me. Again - no one has ever told me that this is impossible to do. From a programming standpoint, in my ignorance, I see an empty spot on the screen down the left side of my Artist Control; I don’t see why the same command I could execute from my Command 8 can’t be routed somehow through a button allocated to that space. There are limited resources available to the EUCON team, I get that, but by pushing off the solution until after the product is EOL’d, despite years of requests though posts/PMs/IdeaScale, despite agreeing that it’s a thing that should be in there, and then you release a bunch of other products and software updates/features… and it’s still not done? It feels like a big “FU”, that the company will follow its own goals rather than its customers’ requests.

In my mind, Eddie’s been the best thing to happen to the EUCON program. Outstanding. He’s cured all other ills I’ve had with my device. It’s just beyond me how his team can’t get this (in my mind, teeny weentsy) thing done.