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Default Re: Keyboard shortcut soundbase

Originally Posted by @tention View Post
Hey guys,

I'm a German user but I use the UK English version of the fantastic EditorsKeys keyboard because ProTools and some 3rd party apps (EdiLoad) work best that way.

Now I am stuck searching for the physical position of the key I need to press when trying to open the soundbase window.

Could anybody point me in the right direction please?


To open Workspace (Soundbase):
Mac: Option+Control+I Windows: Alt+Start+I

Inside Soundbase shortcuts.

Ctrl + Alt + T: Brings up the assign tags popup window. This also works when you have multiple sounds selected allowing you to add tags to large groups of sounds. This is very helpful when categorizing larger libraries.

Ctrl + Alt + Cmd + T: Shows/hides the Tags Pane. If you are only doing simple searches, use this shortcut to hide the Tags pane, then bring it back quickly when you want to browse by category.

Ctrl + S: Once you’ve found the sound you’re looking for, use this to instantly spot the sound to edit insertion. This one is very handy and typically a lot faster than dragging and dropping.

Hope that will help you! You can always refer to shortcut list directly in Pro Tools.
Click on Help->Pro Tools Shortcuts. Chapter 8 is the one you want to look for more shortcuts.

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