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Originally posted by sweetness:
thanks for the info polaris...

so, to summarize, you have the EPT extension disabled on the ATTO machines, and this lets the FWB drives run in harmony with the ATTO card.


and so you are saying, it doesnt really matter what your drive has on it if you dont load those ATTO expresspro tools extensions at boot.

That's correct, provided you also don't have "inhibit driver loading" enabled. With "IDL" enabled you'll need to turn the ATTO ext on if you want the drives to mount at startup

but theres a problem when you take an ATTO driver into the adaptec room. will i get -36 when i run those drives? and is there no way around this?

We gave up on initializing with ATTO because it was totally unreliable on non-ATTO systems. But if you have FWB, there's a trick you can try, in FWB Toolkit, highlight the ATTO drive, hold CMD+OPT, click UNMOUNT twice, release keys and click mount. The FWB driver should now temporarily take over the drive. Not very elegant but it can get you by in a pinch. IMHO, I would stick to Apple or FWB drivers, people will argue otherwise I'm sure but it's worked well for our 10 systems for years. As always YMMV.


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