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I could be wrong but I'm not 100% sure the Sibelius version of Kontakt 2 is actually a 'proper' VST that can be used in other applications. Certainly the Kontakt Gold for Sibelius 3 and 4 would not work within Cubase as a VST (unless I was doing something wrong).

As for the wrapper. In the left hand column press the + button and specify your VST directory. If you have more than one, press the + again and specify another. Your VST files are usually .dll files. All you do now is click the 'Detect and wrap VST plugins' button. You can choose whether to wrap individual VSTs by changing the Wrap value to Yes or No once they appear in the list. By the way you could be forgiven for thinking that the wrapper does nothing as there is no Apply button and there is seemingly no loading or processing at all. This is normal.

Good luck
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