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Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
First, don't try to do it in one session. Bounce your "tight" mix to WAV, then import it to a new session.

Then put a limiter (if you have Waves L3LL that would be a good idea). Drive your levels up to where the limiter begins to do something, until that it is not changing sound at all. Then adjust your monitoring levels so it sounds roughly the same as when you mixed it.

his is the point where you start making decisions. Either drive it a little hotter, or insert EQ before the limiter and try if there are certain frequencies you want to compress more or less, and tweak the sound a little (wide Q here, not surgical). Once you are satisfied and your mix makes the limiter alive (usually a little limiting is enough, no need for more than 1-3dB but there are no rules).

I think this will get you started.

Had not thought about doing that, thank you!

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