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Default Re: LM-100 "off" by 2 units

I wasn't aware that LM100 had an update for 1770-3! I inquired some time ago and had understood that software was not updated past what I had installed, which did not have gating. I don't recall its version number.

If yours does actual 1770-3 then I don't know why readings would be different. On my unit, which I sold a couple of weeks ago, I checked its LKFS reading against a different meter using a 50 minute stereo mix that had practically no quiet moments. The readings were the same as far as I could tell. Since LM100 rounds its LKFS display up or down to the nearest unit, 10th of a DB differences are not obvious.

edit: The most recent software I can find on Dolby's site is "LM100 Upgrade Package V1.2.4.2", and I am fairly certain that is the version I was using. How did you get a later version?
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