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Arrow Re: PT10 wont use 003 Console on MacBook Pro

Chrisian, unfortunately the aggregate i/o is an paradox wrapped in an enigma. Combine that with the 003 driver and you've created about a third of the troubleshooting threads on this forum.
The good news is that the new mbox works better. Or most 3rd party that's newer. My opinion those motorized fadars arn't worth the headache on the 003. You can get a Novation nocturn for $100 with endless encoders and have the same mixer control (which always start where the value is) but less likely to crash and about 1/10the the weight and size. Or a nanok2 with automap for$60 for the fadars. Seperate your controller from your audio device and you'll come out ahead..
Just Run Pro Tools as a Rewire Slave/Run Parallel.. its easier than you think. Example- RME TotalMix and the IAC Midi Driver
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