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Default PT10 wont use 003 Console on MacBook Pro

Hello there!

I've made a complete update, bought a new MacBook Pro 15" (late 2011 model running 10.7), upgraded ProTools from 8 to 10 and wanted to hook up my 003 Console.
This new MacBook has only a 4-pin FireWire connector, so I also got a converter cable from 4-to-6 pins.
I gathered as much to download and install the dedicated drivers for the 003, necessary since PT9.

I tested two wiring configurations:
* Directly from MacBook to 003 Console using the 4-to-6 pin cable
* From MacBook to a "t.c. electronic konnekt 24D" (4-to-6) and from that one using a direct 6-to-6 cable to 003

In both wiring configurations:
* PT 10 wont let me use the 003 in the I/O configuration
* The list of peripherals in "Hardware Setup" does not list the 003 (only either the aggregate I/O or HDMI, when external monitor is connected)
* The "Audio MIDI Setup" application shows me the 003 in the list of devices
* When started without PT10 running, "Audio MIDI Setup" lets me see and configure 18/18 channels
* When started while PT10 is running, either via "Hardware Setup" or explicitly, "Audio MIDI Setup" lists 0/0 channels for the 003.
* "Audio MIDI Setup" wont let me use the 003 for the aggregate I/O.

I have contacted Avid support (customer success), but their first reply reads more like a canned response (use proper cable, see here for I/O config). while I'll be waiting for a second reply, I wanted to take my chances here in parallel. Any ideas?

I also used a M-Box Micro on USB as reference test. This one would only work within PT when hooked up in the aggregate I/O (which works) - it wont be available directly in PT10.
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