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Default Re: Some prepurchase questions

Originally Posted by K Roche View Post
But :::: I think the more important question is why not just go from the Carbon direct into DP ???
Well, it would seem I would get less latency using the MOTU 1248 connected via thunderbolt, with the Carbonís ADAT into the 1248. I could then use the Carbonís pres with thunderbolts low latency. I just tried this with the Apogee Symphony Desktop over ADAT into the 1248, and although it worked, it just seemed like it was more trouble than it was worth. Iím just trying to prepare myself for any disappointing AVB performance while using other DAWs with the Carbon. I canít find solid numbers for Carbonís latency when in native or using other DAWs. I hear that itís 8 Ė 12ms RTL with 32 buffer at 48k. You start chaining plugins together and the latency adds up quick.

But I have a backup plan. I can track all my guitars using my Helix, Headrush or Eleven Rack, and track all my drums and synths/instruments/samples with my Kronos, latency would be a non-issue. I can always swap out the external midi stuff with VIs during mixing. Iíll be able to test all this out once I receive my Carbon. Itís definitely on the slow boat from China, or should I say the slow truck from Fort Wayne, IN.
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