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Default Re: Some prepurchase questions

Originally Posted by alberti1 View Post
Are there any standalone capabilities? If I find the Carbon’s pres are way better than the Symphony’s pres, can I lightpipe the Carbon into the 1248 and still use the Carbons pres and the variable Z when tracking in DP?
I don't use ADAT but I assume since the ADAT on the Carbon is both Input and Output , it seems you should be able to send Carbons ADAT's out to the 1248. But you could also just use the Carbon and record directly to DP and skip ADAT and the 1248 altogether

Don't have a Symphony either But I am "guessing" there will be little noticeable difference and would be negligible as far as the pre's themselves. The converters on the Carbon (may) provide a bit more head room, but that's only a guess, and again the question is,,,, would it really be noticeable ?
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