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Default Re: Some prepurchase questions

Originally Posted by alberti1 View Post
I ordered a Carbon but they are on back order at the moment. That gives me some time to make sure this is the right choice for me. Here are a few questions that I have before I really commit.

1. Carbon comes with a standard PT, 1 year license with a perpetual parachute and now there is an offer for a free perpetual license of Ultimate. Does that mean youíll get both, a perpetual Ultimate and a standard perpetual license?
Yup you will get both perpetual licenses.

Originally Posted by alberti1 View Post
2. Can someone please tell me what kind of latency I can expect from the Carbon when running other DAWs? I understand the dsp wont work in other DAWs. When I look at the roundtrip latency in Logic for a 24 bit 48k with 64 buffer size using my 1248 with the Thunderbolt connection, I get about 3.3 ms roundtrip. With my Apogee Symphony Desktop, I get 7.7 ms roundtrip. This is on a 6-core 2018 Mac mini. What could I expect from the Carbon with the same settings?
Itís probably not going to be better then the 1248 so I would suggest you keep using that. Avid native interfaces never had great low latency specs.

Originally Posted by alberti1 View Post
3. Scenario Ė Iím running SSL Channel Strip 2 on all channels including the master fader but not the aux. I then buss all the channels to a stereo aux with a dsp dverb with dsp activated on that channel. Would all Channel Strip 2 plugins get disabled or just the one on the master fader?
It would still work, anything downstream from a DSP enabled track can also be taken out of DSP mode if needed. (DSP Safe Mode)

Originally Posted by alberti1 View Post
4. Depending on the answer to the question above, will my SSL UC1 be useless in dsp mode or are there work arounds? If I canít put Channel Strip 2 on every channel it kind of ruins the best part of using the UC1. And does anyone know if SSL plans to make an aax dsp version of their plugins?
UC1 will only work on those Native tracks. I personally switched to the Brainworx SSL plug-ins since they run in DSP mode as well. I love the SSL ChannelStrip but
the convenience of being able to run the Brainworx ones in DSP mode far outweighs the ability of using the UC1 for me. I have all the Brainworx Channelstrips (SSL G/E/J,Neve and Amek9099).

I have had a love hate relation ship with control surfaces since the original Mackie HUI. I have owned the HUI,Procontrol,D-Comand and Avid Artist.
I never liked how any of them implemented Plug-in control so I always just end up using them as fader controllers. I tried the UC1 and it really is nice but takes up way to much desk real estate for controlling only 1 Plug-in.
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