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You can download an HDTM demo (OS 9) at the AudioEase site - it beeps annoyingly, but will give you a feel for the plug. If you download the demo, make sure you download enough impulse responses to hear what it can do (it doesn't have 'patches' like a regular digital reverb - each setup requires a fairly large impulse response file).

In low-latency mode, it's perfectly usable as a reverb - I think around 20-25 ms delay before the onset of reverb. This is not really perceptable on a typical aux return with the mix at 100% wet; if, however, you let dry signal through the plug, you will hear delay or flamming.

It's a real CPU hog - one compelling reason to get a G5 would be to run several of these, and a few Arturia Moog Modulars. On a G4 933, I can get 1-3 instances, depending on the length and complexity of the program.
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