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Default 2 different probs.

Hey guys as you can tell I have 2 different problems, but first here's my specs.

Powerbook G4 1.67GHz, 17" screen 2GB SDRAM.
MAC OSX Tiger ver. 10.4.2
Pt 6.9.2
Digi 002

1.) Usually when recording I just monitor via the headphones in the headphone jack.
Today however I was trying to hook it up so that my friend & I could hear his guitar and click through 2 seperate pairs of headphones.

I routed the tracks to output, analog 3-4 stereo.

This didn't work b/c I could no longer hear through my headphones (in the headphone jack), so I just hooked up my headphones in 5-6 and duplicated his tracks to route the second set to my headphones.

When we were all done I unplugged all of the headphones and attached mine back into the headphone jack, I still couldnt hear anything.

Is there a reaosn that I can't hear the tracks at the same time he does?

and #
2.)This is a question about sampletank, I have the full version of sampletank to use with protools, I installed it to my system drive, and the sounds/instruments to my firewire drive, when I start it up it's completely blank.

I tried browsing to the indtruments and can see where they're located but they still won't open. Can I not load them from the external harddrive? I didn't want them to be on my system drive taking up the space.

How can I fix these? any help would be much appreciated.

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