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Default Re: Control app and Cubase requests

Originally Posted by Vex One View Post
With point 1, does the adapter plate allow for the meter colours in cubase to show in the Control app if Cubase sends that information? If it does, would there be a way of selecting "meters from DAW" in settings?

Point 2 would surely be down to AVID? I'd just like the option of the purple pan bar rather than the quadrant with the dot.

With point 4, it seems the double click function is already in the Control app, however, it is duplicated in the cut function. This request wouldn't be Cubase specific. Double clicking on the volume bar in the monitoring section would resetc it back to zero. This would be a useful feature regardless of DAW.

1. Eucon provides the DAW with the ability to set all the meter break points/types etc but can't set the actual colors, these are either the blue or green colors.

2. I understand what you are asking now. Thanks for the suggestion

3. Likewise I get this now
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