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Default Control app and Cubase requests

Any chance of the following being implemented?

1. Meter colour designer. Cubase allows you to set points at which the colours change. This will help with integration as the user can customise the meter appearance for their own needs.

2. Can there be an option for the pan info on the meter designer to be a bar rather than a dot? The same one that you find in the mixer view. It would take up less space and make more sense for stereo mixing.

3. The EQ graph view shows curves from the basic Cubase EQ, but it doesn't show the low and high cuts that come before the EQ module. These would be really useful as these are often the most utilised forms of EQ.

4. Since reference level isn't yet plumbed in to the Control app, would it at least be possible to be able to set the level back to zero easily. If I move the bar to change the level, it's almost impossible to get it back to zero. Double clicking the bar would be a good way of doing it, although that currently engages the cut feature.

5. When filtering the types of tracks from the Control app, there's no way to select Rack Instrument tracks found in Cubase. These would ideally be part of the Instrument group or there could be a seperate option for Rack Instruments when selecting the types of tracks to display.

Let me know if any of this is Steinberg's job and I'll forward it on to them.

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