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Default Re: Yamaha PF70 MIDI Setup

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the welcome and reply. I went through the article entirely:

1) My Scarlett 4i4 is plug and play, so no rivers were needed to download.
2) I tested the MIDI from my piano in the Audio MIDI Setup and got playback sounds. i have my piano connected via MIDI cable from my piano MIDI OUT to my Scarlett MIDI IN. There is no connection for my piano to receive MIDI data, nor is there a connection for my Scarlett to send MIDI data.
3) I'm running Pro Tools as an admin.
4) All MIDI controllers are set to none in Peripherals. I've seen nothing in my user guide to suggest needing that. However, my piano is old so I'm sure this wasn't even a thought when it was manufactured LOL
5) My Scarlett is listed as the MIDI input device. My Scarlett is also still blinking green with 'MIDI'.
6) 'first selected MIDI track' is selected as my default thru instrument in my Setup preferences.
7) 'MIDI Thru' is enabled.

I've checked the sample rates and my session is in 48kHz, as is my Scarlett. I also went into the Audio MIDI Setup application and did two things:
1) Set my clock source in 'Pro Tools Aggregate I/O' to my Scarlett
2) Checked the 'Use' box next to my Scarlett under the 'Pro Tools Aggregate I/O'

I've attached an image of my Audio MIDI Setup screen in case that's needed.

Where shall I go from here?

Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 12.21.27 AM.jpg
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