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Default Re: Best Mac for 003 Factory (simple part time home studio use)

Like you, I'm no Mac expert (despite using one for my protools rig the past 5 years) but I just asked this same question last week so I'll chime in. Right now the current desktop macs are called MacPros. Based on the input from people here I just got a dual 2.66ghz with 1 gig of RAM. If you use lots of soft synths and plugs ins (I don't) you probably will want more RAM but even 1 gig should keep you rocking. There are endless configurations for these machines. If you don't have a problem buying and installing your own hardrives and RAM you can do it much cheaper than buying it from Apple. Sites like Mac Mall will get you this machine (Mac Pro 4-Core(2 Dual-Core 2.66GHZ Intel Xeon) 1GB/250/7300GT/SD) for around $2350 pre tax. And you get a free printer. No monitor. Based on input here this should be enough power to make you very happy. That is the machine I just bought. It has room for something like 8 gigs of RAM and 3 extra internal hardrives.

My 003 is also in the mail. I'm not sure if you got the production toolkit with yours (i traded in an 002 so I got that for free) but even if you didn't it appears we are in for quite a treat.
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