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Default Avid hdx noises

Hi guys,

I finally did the upgrade to 2021.7 and did the firmware change for the HDX card... What i immediastely noticed was that clicking on hardware inserts caused different noises and clicks to what used to happen. (it used to be quite mild and i could continue playback without any bad noise or potential damage to speakers etc.
Now it is very noticeable and scratchy as well as it stutters a bit like it's spitting at me. So i decided to go back to 2020.12 and change the hardware driver back, but now i have this same issue in that version also. I also notice now even expanding a basic folder that has all its contents inacitve causes this glitch in audio as i click the folder open and closed.

So in short, it seems conclusive that "upgrading" my firmware on the hdx card has caused it to become glitchy not only on inserts but by reacting to basic folders being expanded and closed regardless of a folder havign active or inactiuve tracks inside.

I'm often switching in and out inserts on the fly as well as changing stem output assignments to my console and had it working flawlessly without any of these glitches for a few years and can be certain this was introduced literally from the first moment i tried 2021.7 and the firmware update.... and now it can't be reversed by going back to 2020.12.

Has anyone else experienced this? and i hope i can roll the firmware back without issues.

cheers Mat
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