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Default No 003 Jog Mode Capability

Hi All,
The Issue I'm having is simple, one minute Im using the Jog Wheel on my 003 to scrub through my session. Then I make an edit, go back to jog to another frame and its no longer working. the Shuttle Ring maintains normal functionality. As far as I can tell nothing has been unintentionally changed. I'm working in Tab to Transient/Linked Timeline & Edit/Insertion follows Playback and Scrub/Shuttle.
I'm running PT9, but I've experienced this a while back in PT7 too (skipped PT8). It wasn't as important then though as I wasn't cutting to picture and I've ignored the jogwheel for the most part since do to this unreliability.

I'm sure there's an easy answer here that I'm missing. Any thoughts?
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