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Default Re: Swapping Tracks with Forum Members??

Thanks for the reply Nick. I'm surprised this isn't more popular. I got the idea by seeing some YouTube videos where people filmed their individual parts of the song from various places around the world and then they put it together into a single video and posted it to the site. It would be great if you can locate the site you referenced.

I'm in the South Bay, just down the road from you. The first thing I was thinking of sending out is 'The Rover' which is just a cover of the Led Zep tune. I had an old track lying around that I recorded with the drummer in a band I was in. So I cleaned it up and wanted to have someone add vocals (out of my range!) and bass as a keepsake. But it would also be cool to collaborate with other musicians on original material. My style is along the lines of the classic rock guitarists but with influences of alternative and Brit Pop as well as classic folk music.
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