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Default Re: Swapping Tracks with Forum Members??

I have met a few random people over the years of messing around on audio forums, who love to do exactly this. I usually send over a PT session, or stereo mixdown, and then have someone overdub guitar or midi piano or percussion, and then send it back to me. Then I can mess around with it and such. I have even exchanged ideas with musicians, and then taken those ideas and formed songs out of them. Its a lot of fun, but tricky to make work. I don't know of a place on this forum, that's setup for this purpose. That would be great.

I remember about a year ago, I found this site that had some kind of built in multitrack recorded. You could make a session with it, and then post it to the site. Then anyone and everyone can add what they want. I can't remember the site name, but people were doing exactly what you are talking about. Someone messes around with some drums and posts them. Then someone adds guitar. Someone else adds bass, and then a vocalist. From there people seemed to start adding ramdom stuff, or doing remixes. Pretty cool. Not very professional. But very fun! I will see if I can dig that site up.

Did you have specific things you wanted worked on? Depending on the material you have, I might be willing to do some colabos. I'm on the West Coast and I work with people in Europe all the time, so its definatly dooable.

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