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Default A thanks to the Digi staff !

Its true, we've been hard with the Digidesign tech support staff over the past several weeks, but when your income is based on things working, its truely difficult to be calm, especially when you have 14 engineers crawling down your throat for answers, and there is nothing immediate to given them.
So we want to take this time to thank the Digidesign staff for going to the mat for us, and other users, who've had similar problems with Pro-Tools 6.9.1 MTC operations. More than 60% of our day is locking to timecode via MicroLynx syncronizers, video and Pro-Tools, which had a software issue, preventing us from using it.
The guys from Digidesign - L.A., came to our facility, looked at the problem, then looked at how we worked, went back to their code writers in Daly City, and within 7 days we had a working patch - 6.9.1 cs3, something that - with their production schedule is unheard of.
So this is to show that, we can be just as big about returning a thank you, as we were at beating them over the head with this
So guys - Thank You !

The Technical & Engineering Staff
L.A. Studios
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