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Default Re: Is Pro Tools Right for me?

Agreed, PT is probably a great choice for recording you and an instrument. Ableton is more for triggering loops and making beats, and is much better than PT for backing tracks in live performance.

Back to PT for a moment, there are a few important details to learn ASAP:
#1-create a "session" instead of a "project". Sessions are on your hard drive. Projects are(usually) in the cloud and you want your audio files on your own drive(backup to the cloud is fine)
#2-latency(delay or echo) when recording is caused by a few things; Playback buffer(set this low like 64 or 128 for tracking) and certain plugins(learn which have lots of latency and don't use those until its time to mix)
#3-tutorials are great and you should take advantage as needed. Youtube can be awesome, or lame(but its free). Groove3 is consistently great(but its not free). Sometimes you get what you pay for
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