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Default Eleven Rack Drivers?

Hello all,

Yesterday I received a reply about a possible solution to a problem I was having 2 years ago - better late than never I suppose - about dual monitoring.

Anywayz, they suggested that I download the latest driver which was made this year - shock of shocks. So I downloaded the driver and preceded to install it and I got an error:

Avid Eleven Rack Driver 1.1.12 (x64)
Setup Wizard ended prematurely

Then I read the email a little more carefully and it said to, "Please remove/uninstall old drivers first before installing the new version".

And I said to myself how exactly do I do that!?! So can anyone please tell me how I go about killing off all traces of the Eleven Rack and registry locations because I don't exactly know where they reside. And there doesn't appear to be an Driver uninstall program anywhere.

Thankyou and Regards,
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