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Default FS: Misc. iLok licenses

I have a few old iLok licenses for sale and added prices to some.
Please, add iLok transfer fee of €22,-- per license to all prices.
I accept reasonable offers for those without prices.
Package deals with discounts are possible.

Keep in mind that these are iLok assets only. I lost the installers for almost all of them, especially the real old ones, thus cannot provide the installers.

Contact via private message only, please.


Auto-Tune 4 (TDM), €30,--
Auto-Tune 4 TDM Production Suite (Plug-in Bundle with Auto-Tune 4 TDM, Microphone Modeler TDM, Filter RTAS, Kantos RTAS, and Tube RTAS), €60,--
Auto-Tune 7 Native (32-bit), €30,--
AVOX Choir (32-bit) x2
AVOX Duo (32-bit) x2
AVOX Punch (32-bit) x2
AVOX Sybil (32-bit) x2
AVOX Throat (32-bit) x2

Avid / Bomb Factory

Bomb Factory BF-3A (3 Activations) x2
BF Classic Compressors v4 (3 Activations) x2
BF Moogerfooger Bundle v4 (3 Activations) x2


Bruno/Reso, €30,--
Cosmonaut Voice x2
D-Fi x2, €20,--
Drawmer Dynamics, €40,--
JoeMeek SC2 Compressor (3 Activations) x2
JoeMeek SC2 Mequalizer (3 Activations) x2
Maxim, €20,--
Pro Tools HD 7
Pro Tools HD 7.2
Prosoniq Orange Vocoder (RTAS), €30,--
Purple Audio MC77
SansAmp PSA-1
Slightly Rude Compressor
SoundReplacer (3 Activations), €30,--
Space (TLL Products) (AAX/RTAS), €30,--
Structure 1.1
Structure 1.1 Content
Synchronic x2, €30,--
Tel-Ray Variable Delay (3 Activations), €30,--
TL AutoPan
TL Drum Rehab
TL EveryPhase


Clockworks Legacy TDM (H910 Harmonizer, H949 Pitch Shifter, Instant Flanger, Instant Phaser, Omnipressor), €80,--


RX 3

MOTU (Mark Of The Unicorn)

MachFive v2


Analog Channel HD, €20,--
Channel G HD, €20,--
Chrome Tone HD, €20,--
CompressorBank HD, €20,--
FilterBank HD, €20,--
MC2000 HD, €20,--
Revolver Native, €20,--
Synth One HD (TDM only), €50,--


Dynamic Spectrum Mapper v2, €80,--


H-Delay (TDM/Native) v8, €20,--
Q10 (TDM/Native) v8, €20,--
L2 (TDM/Native) v7, €20,--
Q10 (TDM/Native) v7, €20,--

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