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Default Re: Protools exp no input or output sound

Help us help you by reading the stuff under the “Help us Help You” link up the top of each DUC web page.

And especially Help us Help You by providing the basic info expected about your setup as described under the Help us Help You section. What computer, OS etc. etc.

OK I really just like saying Help us Help You.

And try to describe more exactly what is happening.. and do a little more troubleshooting esp “no sound” means you hear no monitoring audio while tracking? The Pro Tools input meters do not move? What about prerecorded content do meters move then ? With signal generator on an audio track? Nothing plays back? Ever? What happens when you drag and drop a known good MP3 file into a stereo audio track in a new empty session?

If no monitoring audio when trying to track are you trying to use software or hardware monitoring. Is low latency monitoring enabled in Pro Tools?

If the problem is just mics what exact models? Is phantom power engaged if needed, etc... you should be able to confirm the mic and cabling all works by using hardware monitoring without Pro Tools even running. Does that work?

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