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Default Pro Tools changes my language input settings (Windows)

So I've had shortcut trouble in the past where many shortcuts didn't work. I figured out the solution much later: I had to set my keyboard input to US English (was Dutch), and then the shortcuts started working.

I guess messing with the Windows system settings is "the Avid way" to fix problems. It now changes my language settings to ENG INTL all the time. I haven't even added this language input, and it does not show up in the language settings so I can't delete it either!

And you guessed it: Many shortcuts do NOT work with ENG INTL so I have to change it back all the time. It drives me NUTSSSSS....

I am on the verge of a total Windows image backup revert, to be sure things are as before upgrading. After 1 day of use.. Some Intel startup window has also disappeared after installing 2020.

What else is Pro Tools changing to my system settings? More than I ever want to know probably....
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