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Default Re: Pro Control Main Unit Meters and Counter Freeze

Originally Posted by superfeed View Post
Good People,
My Pro Control main unitís meters and counter have become intermittent shortly after powering on and then will freeze up with random ledís illuminated. The rest of the controls still seem to function normally. Expansion packs are functioning normally as well. Has anyone experienced this before or have a suggested fix?
Thank you,


Could be as simple as a cable needing to be re-seated. a bad connection etc.You should try opening it up and go through the cables connected to the meters and counter. other than that it could be a power supply but would have thought more symptoms would be showing. or could be a component on the controller board for that section of the surface. try the cables first and see.

I believe you can open it up by turning it upside down placing it on a soft surface and remove all the screws on the base.

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