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Default Re: Canít connect Mbox 3 Pro High Sierra

It’s your lucky day... maybe. I had the same problem and found this post and it also worked for me.

I had the same problem but have finally found the solution after a lot of head scratching. Hopefully you did the same thing as me anyway and this fixes it for you.

I remembered when I installed the driver a pop up came up and in my haste to get things working (ironically) I didn't read it and clicked OK (In blue making you think you should press it) and carried on the installation. Anyway, that pop up was the critical part, you need to click to allow extensions by "Avid Technology Inc".

No matter how many times I uninstalled and reinstalled the Mbox Pro 1.3.5 driver I couldn't get the pop up to display and I couldn't see a way to manually add the extension exception.

This is how I fixed it.
1. Uninstall 1.3.5 driver
2. Install the incorrect Mbox (Not Pro) driver 1.2.13 but this time clicking 'Open Security Preferences' and adding the exception for extensions by "Avid Technology Inc".
3. Unistall 1.2.13
4. Install 1.3.5 driver again

The Mbox Pro now works!

I hope this helps.
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