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Default SH612 RS-422 Control Pinout

Hello Avid DUC members,

Just joined and my first post, even though I've been using Avid products for over a decade now.

At the office we have a Euphonix SH612 MADI router and it seems during the upgrade of our video router, the control cable that ran from our previous router controller to the SH612 was lost.

Going through every manual and document I can find, I can't seem to find the pinout of the control port that is on the back-bottom-right of the unit, just to the left of the 3 IEEE1394 ports. I was able to find that the port is RS-422 (I found this by looking at the setting on the previous router controller and what it was set to), but I can't seem to find what the pin-out for the SH612 is...

Does anyone where I can find this info, or have it on hand?

Thanks in advance.
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