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Default Re: Just setup pro tools 10 and have no sound coming through the ouput

Originally Posted by mingalls View Post
Any help or cross checking points would be appreciated??

I'm running a Pre through a 16X16 Analog.

I get the input LEDs working but there's no output at all.

Ouputs for the track are set to ouput 1/2

Are you a brand new PT user or do you have experience.
All I mean is how basic is your PT knowledge. Sometimes people will assume you know what your doing when you don't and over look the most obvious stuff because they think you know it already.

From my experience almost every no sound issue is a I/O problem start there. Then go to BUSS,s

Do you power up your system correctly. read more about that in LE its a pain in the but.

Do you have TDM selected as your playback device in MAC or WINDOS prefs

In the PT prefs/hardware is TDM your playback engine. IT ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE.


Is the TDM card connected to the PRIMARY out of the interface.
Is the DIGI CABLE connected to the core card.

Do you have the proper out puts selected in hardware prefs +4 -10

Sorry for the newbie suggestions . Like Dime Bag Darrel said if its not working start with the cables. I don't think he meant Pro Tools though.

Are you even getting sound into PT. meaning no output to PT into a track or no out put to monitors. You say you get input LEDs working but no out put , Can you actually record on a track in PT. Is every tracks output set to 1/2.
is you master fader input set to output 1/2
If your a newbie rename 1/2 master . then set all your outputs to the master including master fader.
Do you have the input button or record button selected. It won't show a level unless one of those is selected.
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