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Default Update OSX 104.11 to 10.5.4 and PTHD 7.4 to 7.4.2

I am attempting to upgrade both my Mac OS 10.4.11 to 10.5.4 while also updating PT 7. 4 to 7.4.2 (probablycs4).
Yesterday I installed the new Mac OS over the old OX and the old PT 7.4 to 7.4.2 original version
I knew there would be some plug-in issues, but even after removing ALL non PT plugs, the system in unusable. Opinions here, the switch from 10.4 to 10.5 is a major OS update. Would I be better served to do a clean install of the new Mac OS or simply install over it?
Second, Should I do a clean install of 7.4.2 instead of going the update route? Should I do both?
I am on a original Mac Pro (quad core?) 2.66 ghz with 5 gig of ram.
I also run a Digi Expansion Chassis that is orphaned beyond 8.0.1. Popular opinions on this is to remain on the P7 based as the early PT 8 versions are quite buggy.
I do have a fall back by cloning my system drive, so to return to the original working configuration can be restored in minutes.

I also use to D-Control surface which require firmware updates to get to 7.4.2 or as a result of the OS change. Either way it has already been updated.

I know this almost legacy stuff as PT is at 9 now, but I cannot afford a new expansion chassis.

Some of my third party plugs will need to be updated as well, but I need to get up and running before addressing that.

System Config
original Mac Pro (quad core?) 2.66 ghz with 5 gig of ram with a desire to run under 10.5.4
2 x 192s
Sync I/O
Digidesign Expansion Chassis with PCIe host to PCI(x) chassis.
Original D-Control Main and 2 x 16 fader modules and surround panners.
1 Core card, 3 accell cards, all PCI(x).
PT HD Version hopefully to be 7.4.2.

Any ideas? Need to get this up by Monday or roll back to cloned system drive.
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