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Default Automatically copy files on Import (preference)

This is a great preference especially when you have elements on various other types of drives.

But it seems like it would be nice to have an additional "Unless the files are from the same volume" preference in addition to the first one.

If I get a session from another editor, copy it to the same folder as my working session and then import those tracks I am having to copy all the files again. First I have to go to the prefs uncheck the Automatic Copy box, then import the tracks, then go back to the prefs and recheck the box. It's a clumsy workaround that an additional pref would make unnecessary.

Or as an alternative even when having the Automatic Copy on in the prefs I should be able to override that by selecting "refer to original media". It is currently unavailable when Automatic Copy is on (logical yet unflexible).

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